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25% OFF! Vertix Permanent Makeup Cartridges

25% OFF! Vertix Permanent Makeup Cartridges
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Top artists trust VERTIX Cartridges to help create their best work.


  • Transparent detachable tip for ink flow visibility and to perform slight needle adjustments
  • Proprietary dual side vents shell design. Decompressing vacuum action, minimizing potential spraying and redirecting to the sides.
  • Elongated tip profile enhances field of view
  • The low tension diaphragm to prevent back-flow while minimizing the machine's motor stress
  • Minimizes machine vibration
  • Disposable for safety
  • Designed in the USA
  • CE Certified


Compatible with machines which take universal fitted cartridges including: Brow Daddy CLEO, Bellar, Cheyenne, Xion S, Bishop, Rook Quill, Mast Tour, Omnia, Flux, Mast Magi, Dragonhawk, and more.

Not compatible with: Nouveau Contour, Biotek, Bomtech, Meicha, Purebeau, Artmex, PhiBrows, Charme, Biomaser/Infinity device and more.

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