ULTRA Nano .15mm Microblade - 20 Curve

ULTRA Nano .15mm Microblade - 20 Curve
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Our finest and thinnest blades ever!
Measuring in at an incredible ultra fine diameter of just .15mm, these flex microblades help to create the thinnest, crispest and finest strokes possible. The ultra nano diameter is also ideal for clients with thinner skin types and clients who wish for softer, thinner, natural looking strokes. 
  • ULTRA NANO .15mm Diameter
  • Our finest and sharpest needles!
  • Black color.
  • Ultra sharp needles help to create less drag/trauma through the skin during microblading.
  • Sterile.
  • Individually packaged.
  • Each individual blade is labelled with lot # and exp.

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