Tina Davies SKINNY PRO Pencils Pack of 3 - BLACK

Tina Davies SKINNY PRO Pencils Pack of 3 - BLACK
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They’re called PRO Pencils for a reason and they’re about level up your brow game! These silky smooth pencils are the ULTIMATE artist tool for creating a flawless pre-draw and we must admit that they’re quite possibly one of our all time FAVOURITE products!

Skinny Pro Pencils feature a beautiful narrow diameter and "no sharpen" system -simply twist up and use for mapping, drawing outlines and creating the thinnnnest of hairstrokes which you can microblade DIRECTLY OVER! 

Measurements and Design Outline: Watch the rich color glide onto your clients skin as you mark the midpoint, head, arch and tail. Far superior to a plain wax pencil, the silky smooth texture allows you to create precise brow outlines without excess pulling or tension on your client’s sensitive facial skin.  

Pre-Drawing Hairstrokes: Take your art one step further and express your creative freedom by predrawing and planning your hairstrokes - these pencils are unique because they have been designed so you can microblade right over top of your pre-drawn lines! ✨#GENIUS✨

String Method Mapping: Are you an artist who loves string method mapping? This pencil’s ultra smooth texture also makes it an ideal choice for coating mapping thread as it allows for instant transfer without excess pulling or pressure on the skin. This means, you can work faster and create crisp, clean lines with ease. 

  • Each package contains 3 high quality pencils.
  • Available in your choice of brown or black.

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