Pink Ribbon Areola Pigment Set - World Famous x Samantha Rae
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World Famous Tattoo Ink collaborated with renowned artist Samantha Rae to create this premium tattoo ink set. With 16 FULL SIZE custom shades designed specifically for areola work, this set has a full spectrum of shades to help you create beautiful natural results. 
Each color contains an ultra high pigment concentration combined with a special formulation to allow perfect flow rate and colour deposit. World Famous Ink flows into the skin with ease, provides vivid natural colours and heals like a dream. This set contains a massive 16 pigment shades - a massive palette of colour choices for all of your great artwork - this ink will make your job as an artist much easier, and your art really pop!

  • 16 Full size 30ml bottles
  • Large color spectrum of shades
  • Contains zero animal products
  • Never tested on animals
  • Longer lasting ink and better vibrancy

Each Set Includes 16 Shades:  

  • Portrait White
  • Tan Honey
  • Fair Honey
  • Fair Peach
  • Dark Honey
  • Warm Mink
  • Tan Mink
  • Warm Peach
  • Cool Peach
  • Bright Peach
  • Warm Honey
  • Dark Tan
  • Cool Honey
  • Cool Mink
  • Tan Peach
  • Dark Mink

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