NEW 🔥 Minx NANO PINK .18mm Microblades - VARIETY BOX

NEW 🔥 Minx NANO PINK .18mm Microblades - VARIETY BOX
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Please note: This is a preorder - these blades will ship on April 12th.
Not sure which blades you need? Try them all and find your faves!
This variety box includes 40 blades:
10 x 14C.18mm
10 x 15C .18mm
10 x 14U .18mm
10 x 16U .18mm
Tip for academies and trainers: These variety boxes are also a great addition for student training kits so your students can tour the most popular blade types during practice
Measuring in at .18mm diameter, these microblades help to create the thin, crisp and clean strokes. The nano diameter is ideal for clients with medium skin types and clients who wish for softer, thinner, natural looking strokes. 
  • NANO .18mm Diameter
  • Ultra sharp needles help to create less drag/trauma through the skin during microblading.
  • Sterile.
  • Individually packaged.
  • Each individual blade is labelled with lot # and exp.

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