$40 OFF! Ultra Light Mast Tour Air PMU & Tattoo Machine
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  • 1 x Mast Tour Air Pen 
  • 2.3mm stroke.
  • Elevated Portability: Lighter, slimmer, and effortlessly portable, MAST stands as the embodiment of featherweight precision.
  • Designed for Lightness: Engineered to be the lightest pen in its class, MAST tour air ensures a comfortable and seamless working experience, akin to using a feather quill.
  • Minimal Vibrations, Maximum Serenity: MAST understands the needs of numerous PMU artists and has meticulously fine-tuned the pen to minimize vibrations and operational noise. The result is an environment of quiet productivity.
  • Unmatched Craftsmanship: The MAST family remains committed to pushing the boundaries of TATTOO and PMU products. TOUR AIR, an extension of the high-quality Tour series, amplifies the joy of creation for PMU artists across the globe.


      • External power supply not included.
      • Compatible with universal fitted permanent makeup cartridges found here. 
      • Takes Universal Sized Tattoo Cartridges - Compatible with the industry's top cartridge brands providing you with freedom and endless options including KWADRON, OPTIMA and VERTIX cartridges. 
      • Please note, this is an entry level machine.
      • If you are looking for a device with a manufacturer's warranty, we recommend checking out Xion S, Flux, Flux S, Bellar, Bellar Mini and Cleo.

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