Minx Foaming Brow Shampoo 60ml

Minx Foaming Brow Shampoo 60ml
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Designed specifically for use both BEFORE and AFTER permanent makeup procedures, this fluffy brow wash feels like a CLOUD and gently (+ ultra efficiently!) cleans the brow area, leaving your client with clean, fresh brows. 

  • ☁️ Light, Gentle Formula
  • 🌸 VEGAN
  • 🐰 Cruelty free
  • ✨ Enriched w/vitamins
  • 🍇 And Skin Calming Essentials 

USE BEFORE: Use this PH balanced wash BEFORE PMU procedures to remove makeup, excess oils and exfoliate away dead skin cells. 

USE AFTER: Clients can take home and use this gentle wash post PMU procedures to clean + remove excess lymph buildup + debris throughout their healing process.

Best of all... these brow shampoos are perfectly priced for retailing to clients as a take-home product or set yourself apart and SPOIL your clients by including a bottle of brow wash in your aftercare bags! 🎁 


* Jars in photo not included 

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