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Gold Collection Organics by DNA Pigments 

From Raw Powder to Liquid Gold - Beauty in Your DNA

DNA Pigments has unlocked the pigment code. The secret lies in the raw powders expertly transformed into liquid beauty. Beauty in your DNA: Pigments meticulously crafted from the raw powder form set a gold standard for quality and performance, allowing artists to discover the DNA difference in every stroke. DNA believes that the results speak for themselves, demonstrating that not all pigments are created equal. Elevate your artistry with DNA Pigments today.

Discover this selection of the REACH-compliant Gold Collection Lips, the perfect lip blush colors created with with highly pigmented formulas meticulously crafted to bring you the perfect palette. This unique blend ensures the ideal consistency - not too thin, not too thick - allowing for smooth application and consistent color. Each shade is vibrant and rich, providing long-lasting wear and effortless coverage. Compliant with REACH standards, these lip blush pigments are designed with your safety and satisfaction in mind. Elevate your beauty routine with our premium pigments, where quality meets elegance in every stroke.

Cali Sunset:
A vibrant, orange-red hue, reminiscent of a fiery California sunset.

Rosewood Nude: A muted, earthy pink with a subtle touch of brown, perfect for a natural look.

Burgundy Dream: A deep, rich wine color that adds a touch of sophisticated drama.

Rosy Coral: A bright, cheerful blend of pink and orange, capturing the essence of coral.

Raspberry Crush: A bold, berry shade with a playful, juicy undertone.

Vintage Rose: A classic, dusty rose that exudes timeless elegance.

Electric Blush: A vivid, hot pink with an electrifying, energetic vibe.

Lavender Mauve: A soft, dreamy mix of lavender and mauve for a gentle pop of color.

Peachy Nude: A warm, peach-infused nude that's both inviting and understated.

Cherry Bomb: A striking, true cherry red that's both bold and classic.

Almond Nude: A light, beige nude with a hint of almond, perfect for everyday wear.

Peachy Cashmere: A luxurious, soft peach with a creamy, cashmere-like quality.

Silky Flamingo: A playful, pinkish-coral, evoking the grace and beauty of a flamingo.

Pre-order Estimated Shipping Time: Please note that your DNA Pigments are estimated to ship out as soon as we receive them, however, we do not have a confirmed ETA. By preordering, you are securing your inventory. We will post an update as soon as we have a fulfilment date available. At this time, the estimated time for Minx is 3-12 weeks. Purchasing these pigments via preorder means acknowledging and accepting this fulfilment time.

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