40% OFF! Minx Galaxy Lash Lift Glueless Flexi Rods - Deluxe 8 Size Set
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No adhesive needed, making lash lift procedures fast and easy! These rods can be used with or without adhesive depending on artist preference. 

This set is an excellent value as it includes 8 pairs of lash lift rods, perfect for clients with all lash lengths and eyelid sizes. These rods are made from ultra soft, comfortable silicone which doesn’t require any adhesive on the back of the rod to hold them in place (adhesive is optional with this style). 


  • Creates a soft M to C curl depending on rod size and placement. 
  • Excellent curved grip and comfortable fit for the eyelid.
  • No adhesive required, it is optional, which speeds up procedure times. 
  • Excellent for clients who may be sensitive to glue or allergic to adhesive.

Comes in a Deluxe Set of with 8 Pairs!

  • 1 Pair each: XS, S, SS, M, L, LL, XL, XXL.
  • Sanitizable & reusable.

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