ELECTRUM Cleanse - Tattoo Cleanser & Rinse Solution

ELECTRUM Cleanse - Tattoo Cleanser & Rinse Solution
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16oz Bottle of Skin Cleanser for before, during, and after tattooing by Electrum.

Electrum Cleanse is used before, during, and after tattooing to ease client discomfort, reduce swelling for optimal procedures, and keep the tattoo site safe and clean from infection. This solution also contains electrolyzed water created through a patented electrochemical process which helps to soothe damaged or irritated skin and prevents it from swelling or becoming inflamed during the tattoo process. 

Additionally, Electrum Cleanse can be used as an aftercare product. It moistens gauze bandages and cleanses new tattoos of foreign objects, debris, and other potentially harmful elements. Electrum Cleanse also encourages pigment retention during the healing process for brighter, more vibrant tattoos.

Please Note: Do not dilute this product or use it with Green Soap. Diluting this product will make it ineffective. Using this product with Green Soap will neutralize it. Store this product at room temperature, avoiding exposure to sunlight.


  • Size: 16 fl. oz
  • Hypotonic solution free of alcohol and harsh ingredients.
  • Super-oxygenated, electrolyzed water; has undergone patented electrochemical process.
  • Neutral pH level and FDA approved; non-toxic and non-irritating.
  • Biodegradable and environmentally friendly; does not require special handling.
  • For use before, during, and after tattooing.
  • Safe to apply around the eyes, ears, mouth, and nose.
  • Designed to reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation during tattooing.
  • Used and approved by thousands of tattoo artists over 5 years.
  • Can also be used as aftercare product; encourages pigment retention.
  • Manufactured by Electrum.


Prep: Clean the skin using approved antiseptic prep. After prep, evenly apply Electrum Cleanse onto a clean, disposable, lint-free paper towel or wipe. The amount of Electrum Cleanse used is directly related to the size of the area being cleaned and rinsed. There is no "over-application" of this product.

Apply Electrum Cleanse onto the skin in one consistent outward circular motion, beginning in the center of the area being cleaned & ending at least 2 inches farther out from the area that will be tattooed. Try not to overlap areas while cleaning.

After shaving the tattoo site, evenly apply Electrum Cleanse onto a clean, disposable, lint-free paper towel or wipe. Set the soaked towel on top of the tattoo site. Allow Electrum Cleanse to sit on the skin for 15 seconds undisturbed.

Procedure: Electrum Cleanse can be used in lieu of distilled water throughout the tattoo procedure. You may add a drop of Dial liquid soap if desired for increased cleansing action of plasma and residual ink.

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