$3 EACH 2 Packs Shape Corrector Sticks

$3 EACH 2 Packs Shape Corrector Sticks
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Need a little extra help with your outlines? Here's an industry secret... SHAPE correcting sticks allow you to precisely adjust the thickness and shape of your outlines until they're JUST RIGHT! No more frustration and no more redrawing. Just map, outline, refine and you're ready to go! Unlike traditional fuzzy microbrushes or challenging, bulky q-tips, these little wonders feature a tightly-wound cotton tip which is firm enough to allow for the finest of adjustments. 

Pro Tips:

  • Use dry to adjust cosmetic or wax pencil outlines.
  • Use to apply anesthetic inside a pre-draw.
  • Use them with anesthetic to rub and remove stubborn gentian violet/surgical marker ink after a procedure. 
  • Trainers! - These are a must have in your tool kits!

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