NEW! BROWDADDY® Hybrid Brow Tint ✨MINI KIT ✨

NEW! BROWDADDY® Hybrid Brow Tint ✨MINI KIT ✨
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Discover 3 best selling brow tint shades in this mini kit which includes:
1 x Light Brown Hybrid Tint
1 x Medium Brown Hybrid Tint
1 x Dark Brown Hybrid Tint
1 x Full Size Hybrid Tint Cream Developer

Brow Daddy Hybrid Tints

Elevate your brow game with our exquisite range of Eyebrow Hybrid Tints, featuring a curated selection of seven stunning colors. These tints are expertly formulated to provide lasting impact, maintaining their vibrancy for up to 4-6 weeks on the hair. Beyond just coloring the hairs, they also leave a soft, natural-looking stain on the skin, which lasts for up to 5-10 days. Whether you're aiming for a subtle enhancement or a bold statement, our tints offer the perfect shade for every style and skin tone. Easy to apply and long-lasting, these hybrid tints are ideal for creating flawless, full-looking brows that capture attention and elevate your look. Embrace the beauty of well-defined, perfectly tinted eyebrows with our exclusive collection.
About the colors in this kit:
Light Brown: Light Brown offers a soft, subtle elegance. This neutral shade is perfect for a delicate enhancement, providing a light touch of color to naturally refine your brows.


Medium Brown: Discover the balanced beauty of Medium Brown, a perfectly neutral shade. This adaptable color offers a harmonious blend, ideal for those seeking a natural and refined brow.

Dark Brown: Exude depth and sophistication with Dark Brown, a neutral shade that stands out in its simplicity. This classic hue is tailored for an effortlessly polished look, suitable for all skin tones.

Cream Developer: A vital companion for our Hybrid Tints, this developer ensures vibrant, lasting color with a gentle, effective 1:1 mix formula. Perfect for every shade.

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