1oz Mini Bowler Candy Cleanse - Unscented

1oz Mini Bowler Candy Cleanse - Unscented
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Candy cleanse is now available in 1oz minis!

Same great formula as our 8 oz bottle, but in a 1oz bottle! Use these for aftercare to send your clients home with, or for samples in student kits!

This formula is designed to not only help cleanse the skin while healing, but also supports healthy skin healing. Your results will be out of this world😍

How to use for Aftercare:

-Cleanse morning and night for 7 days post procedure.

- Wash hands outside the shower, pour pea size amount onto fingertips, gently wash in direction of hair growth (NO harsh rubbing, rubbing in circles or rubbing back and forth). Once cleansed in direction of hair strokes, rinse gently with cool water. Then pat dry gently with clean towel. 

What is Candy Cleanse?

Candy Cleanse was designed to help remove pigment and lymph during any PMU/TATTOO procedure. 

This is a high end Castile soap. While some Castile soaps are made from only olive oil, coconut oil, or other derivatives, our soap is made with pure ingredients.

  • Pure Coconut Oil
  • Pure Jojoba Oil
  • Pure Shea Butter 
  • Pure Olive Oil
  • Pure Aloe


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