Bowler .18mm 14S Ultra Nano Microblades

Bowler .18mm 14S Ultra Nano Microblades
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Designed & developed by MICROBLADING GOAT Lexi Bowler of Bowler Esthetics, these blades are the largest slant blade in the Bowler line-up with 14 needles and a .18mm diameter. 

Bowler Ultra Nano Microblades, made from professional grade stainless steel, are the sharpest and finest available, enabling you to create very detailed, natural-looking hair strokes. 


  • .18mm diameter creates less trauma to the skin.
  • Designed to help you achieve feather-like strokes. (What's hair, and what’s tattoo?)
  • Remains sharp throughout the entire appointment from beginning to end.
  • Made using professional grade Stainless Steel. 


  • 25 Blades per box.
  • Please note hand tools are not included. 

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