.15mm 10S Bowler Esthetics Ultra Nano Microblades
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Designed & developed by MICROBLADING GOAT Lexi Bowler of Bowler Esthetics, these .15mm 10 Pin Slant Nano Microblades are one of the smallest & thinnest slant microblades on the market! If you like creating professional, fluffy, natural-looking hair strokes, these blades are for you. These stainless steel blades are very tiny, so your strokes will be close, crisp, and fluffy.

Bowler Ultra Nano Microblades, made from professional grade stainless steel, are the sharpest and finest available, enabling you to create very detailed, natural-looking hair strokes. 


  • Ultra nano diameter creates the least amount of trauma possible to the skin.
  • Designed to help you achieve feather-like strokes. (What's hair, and what’s tattoo?)
  • Remains sharp throughout the entire appointment from beginning to end.
  • Made using professional grade Stainless Steel. 


  • 25 Blades per box.
  • Please note hand tools are not included. 

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