LACQUER® Brow Lamination System + Instructions
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LACQUER Brow & Skin Cleanser
LACQUER Step 1 - LIFT Bottle
LACQUER Step 3 - SET Bottle
LACQUER Diamond Barrier Balm
LACQUER Eyebrow Brushes
Brow Wrap
Tweezer & Scissor
50 x Spoolies
50 x Doe Foot Applicators
25 x New Heart Shape Aftercare Balm
Hologram Minx Box
Detailed Printed Application Instructions
    *Please note the aftercare balms are now round shaped. 💗
    This kit includes everything you need so you can get started with performing procedures right away, and provides a phenomenal value - including enough product to perform up to 40 client procedures!


    Please note: This kit does not include training, and is meant for artists who have already completed a brow lamination course/certification. 

    Brow Lamination is the hottest new trend in eyebrows and it's making some serious waves in the beauty industry! This service creates the look of full, fluffy brows in one simple appointment by realigning the directional hair growth & enhancing the brow shape. The results are GORGEOUS and visible right away, providing instant gratification which you and your clients will love. The lamination effect lasts up to 8 weeks - which means that it's the perfect service for beauty professionals because it has a short learning curve and promotes a cyclical returning customer base!

    As the popularity of brow lamination quickly grew, so did the need for specialized brow lamination products. Due to a lack of availability of custom formulated lamination products and the absence of proper training, many artists were resorting to using "lash lift serums" to perm the brow hair. Although all perms operate using the same basic principles of realigning disulphide bonds, traditional perm and lift formulations vary greatly in terms of ingredients and PH levels. Through research, experimentation and experience with both alkaline and acid formulations along many spectrums of the PH scale, we found that many lash lift serums were much too strong and harsh to be used on delicate brow hair and sensitive facial skin - often resulting in inconsistent strengths, processing times, and even damage to brow hair, irritation on the skin and unsatisfactory results because lash lift products were never meant to be used on brow hair and surrounding sensitive facial skin. Additionally, it's important to note that using lash lift products on the brow area is considered to be an 'out of box' application, meaning, it is not approved or recommended by respective lash lift manufacturers, thus making 'out of box' application of lash lift products on the brow hair uninsurable via most insurance providers. 


    LACQUER was created to bridge the gap and provide artists with a specialized brow lamination system complete with customized ingredients and strengths which have been specifically formulated and balanced for use on brow hair. The LACQUER formula is designed to perfectly shape and set brow hair without over processing, while maintaining a PH level which remains gentle on sensitive facial skin.⁣⁣
    When your clients ask which products you use for brow lamination service, you can confidently show them your specialized LACQUER Lamination System and proceed without hesitation knowing that you are providing your clients with a customized system designed specifically for eyebrow lamination. 
    The LACQUER BROW LAMINATION SYSTEM sets you up for success with a complete tool kit which includes everything you need to get started!
    You will receive a tool kit filled with LACQUER's custom formulations of brow & skin cleanser, the LACQUER signature 3 step lamination system (LIFT, LAMINATE, SET), as well as brow conditioning serums and all of the necessary procedural items from brow wrap, to spoolies and everything in between so you can get started with performing procedures right away! This kit is a phenomenal value and includes enough product to perform up to 40 client procedures. 
    Do you love beauty? Have a passion for learning? Willing to give it your all? Then, you've got what it takes because brow lamination is great for both new and experienced beauty professionals! With proper products, instructions and practice, the learning curve for brow lamination is short and the process is easy. There are no formal prerequisites to learn this service other than a passion for beauty and a commitment to BRING IT and do your best! 
    LACQUER has been custom formulated to be gentle on the hair and skin. When performed correctly by a trained professional, brow lamination does not cause any long term damage to the brow hair. Brow lamination works by restructuring the brow hair’s disulphide bonds - essentially using the same science and basic principles of a perm. ⁣It’s important to remember that as with any beauty service, there are possible risks and this is why it's so important to have the proper training and practice under your belt before performing this or any beauty service on a client. Brow lamination is a service which should only be performed by a trained professional. ⁣⁣
    As with any beauty service, the price you would charge a client can vary greatly on numerous factors such as your area, client base, experience, products used, services included, take-home products etc. Brow lamination is a very popular and in-demand service and procedure generally only takes approximately 45 minutes in total. The cost of materials are quite low, resulting in an opportunity to offer a very high profit margin service and obtain a quick and efficient return on your investment. Most artists charge anywhere from $75-150 per service and clients are cyclical, meaning they are encouraged to return for subsequent touchups/maintenance appointments on a regular basis which can lead to a continuous stream of long term clients.

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