Tina Davies 14 Curved Microblade - Box of 10
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This versatile microblade covers a lot of surface area with its 14 ultra sharp, perfectly aligned needles. Combining the point of the 9 Classic and the curve of the U Needle, it’s the ideal tool for creating medium to full eyebrows.
  • 10 x High Quality Microblading Tools Per Box.
  • Needles: 14 Needles arranged in a curve shape.
  • Ergonomic Handle.
  • Great for medium to full brows.
  • Beautifully and professionally packaged.
  • Marked with Lot # and Expiry with Sterilization Certificate Available.
Each 14 Curve microblade comes with a protective cap to prevent damage. Each cap has a tiny hole at the top to ensure proper penetration of the EO gas sterilization process. 
All microblading needles are made by TD in-house and use only surgical grade 316 stainless steel. This is the highest quality stainless steel and is used for both the needle as well as the needle wrapper.  Tina Davies needles are sharp and very high quality. Each and every microblade is inspected at least 3 times before it reaches any of our artists and 0.25mm gauge needles are used to ensure that the needles never bend - this prevents blurry strokes or double lines. The needles are set at a perfect 30 degree angle for optimal pigment application, balanced line weight and ergonomics.
Tina Davies microblade handles feature a soft, cushy, non-slip grip which enables you to stay comfortable while maintaining precision. The 9 Classic microblade also has built-in ruler so to help you ensure that your work is even and symmetrical - your clients will appreciate this. Additionally, you can use the rounded end to "pigment push" - apply pigment over your fresh strokes.
Each 9 Classic microblade comes in its own sterilized blister pack complete with lot number, manufacture date and expiration date. Blister packs are durable, ensuring that your product will arrive in perfect condition. Each blister pack is EO gas sterilized, and features a sterilization indicator that changes color from pink to gold once the microblade has been placed through the EO gas sterilization process.



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