Hive Caps®️ - Interlocking Pigment Ink Cups (200 cups)
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Hive Caps® - Designed, developed, patented (and trademarked) by tattoo artist Travis Franklin, Hive Caps® are here to elevate your procedure setup and help make your life easier. 

We’re OBSESSED with Hive Caps® because:

  • They SNAP TOGETHER - Keep all your formulas like pigment shades, shading solutions, anaesthetics, sealant, sterile water etc all in ONE organized “Honeycomb”.
  • SUPER CUTE color options make your setup fun.
  • STACKABLE - Prevents pigments from drying, especially low viscosity (thinner liquid) pigment formulas.
  • MEASURING LINES - For reliable mixes. 
  • REVERSIBLE - Small and Large. Genius. Always have the size you need on hand. Simply flip the cup over to select your ideal size. 
  • EASY FAST SET UP - Literally just snap and pour.
  • 200 Caps per bag (50 snap sections pieces per bag, 4 cups per section). 

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