Minx Perfect Precision Pink NANO Microblades

Minx Perfect Precision Pink NANO Microblades
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MINX Perfect Precision Microblades

Our #1 BEST SELLING ultra sharp pink blades are now available in .15, .16 and .20mm diameters!

A nano diameter of .15 or .16mm creates ultra fine crisp hair strokes and is a great choice for all skin types, and especially ideal for thin, sensitive skin types. 

A diameter of .20mm provides great precision during microblading procedures, and this size is regarded by many artists as the most universal size to reach for when creating natural looking hairstrokes. In other words, these blades aren't too thick and they aren't too thin...they're juuust right.


  • Each colorful box contains 25 blades.
  • Each blade is all dressed up in a pink jacket.
  • Individually blister packed and sterilized.
  • Every blade packet is marked with lot # and expiry date.
  • Single use.

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