Lip Blush Universal Mouth Guards - Pink, Blue or White

Lip Blush Universal Mouth Guards - Pink, Blue or White
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Please note, in an effort to reduce single use plastics and waste, our lip guards no longer come with white outer plastic cases. After speaking with artists, we learned that most cases were being disposed of right away, therefore, we have decided to discontinue the outer white plastic box. Each mouth guard will arrive individually safe sealed in thin, clear, recyclable packaging.



An industry trade secret! 🥰 The perfect universal mouth guard for permanent makeup lip blush procedures. 


  • Pack of 10
  • Universal adult size.
  • Gently stretches lips for easy, efficient and even pigment implantation. 
  • Comfortable, doesn’t reach too far into the mouth.
  • Softness level 1, meaning it’s flexible and comfortable for the client to wear during the entire procedure. 
  • Not recommended for use on clients who have braces, loose teeth, broken or loose crowns/veneers and/or any visible dental concerns.
  • Designed for single use per client. Due to the bacterial nature of the mouth, combined with the cleanliness requirements of permanent makeup procedures, we do not recommend reusing the same porous mouthguard for subsequent procedures, even if it is with the same client. 
  • This is a generic item with no design patent, which means it is available for white labelling with your business or academy brand name.
  • A great add-on for training courses, student kits or retailing within your academy.

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