Zensa Topical Cream (30 gram tube)
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Zensa Topical Cream (30 gram tube)
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ZENSA Topical Cream (30g tube)

Zensa Topical Cream is an over the counter, FDA and Health Canada approved product which desensitizes skin for painful procedures such as:

  • microblading
  • tattooing
  • laser hair removal
  • waxing

Contains health conscious ingredients such as purified water and vitamin E, which provide anti-inflammatory properties. This topical has a neutral pH and is the most natural numbing cream on the market. Backed by a three-year shelf life, it is also the most stable topical available.

  • FDA, Health Canada, and artist approved for safe, repeated use.
  • Zensa's sensation absorbs quickly and lasts longer than other leading competitors.
  • Zensa is not tested on animals and is 100% cruelty free. Hooray!
  • 30g TUBE

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