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CLEARANCE! Warm It Up - Minx Mogul Microblading Color Creme
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Creme Formula for Microblading

Color: Warm It Up

A magnificent golden yellow color for "warming up" the cool blond colors. A few drops does the trick. Don't let the color of the bottle fool you, it does what it says and simply warms. We recommended using Warm It Up to warm up lighter, cooler colors like Truly Taupe and Beige Blond. Simply mix in a little bit after you do your color match! Keep this color on hand as it is a go to color for sure. It can also be used as a corrective color to "blot out the blue". 

Color Characteristics: WARM

Size: .25oz

We love Minx Mogul (and know you will too!) because:

  • Minx Mogul Pigments are made using ONLY the highest quality ingredients.
  • Every bottle is manufactured in the USA!
  • Minx Mogul pigments are ULTRA rich in colour and carry a high pigment load for beautiful, healed results. This means, happy artists and happy clients!
  • Each pigment batch is tested and labeled with an appropriate lot number (#) for quality control.
  • Each bottle is perfectly packaged and shrink wrapped for safety.
  • The beautiful colour palette is easy to understand, navigate and you can mix colours to create your own custom blends!