Supercilium x Perma Blend - THE CAPSULE COLLECTION
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Trainers - This is an excellent set to include in your student kits! 🎨✨


The Supercilium Brow Collection is a dynamic collab that combines Supercilium’s brow expertise with Perma Blend’s PMU precision.

This set is REACH Compliant and ready for use in the EU.


Barely Brown  

Description: A barely cool brown with medium opacity  

Opacity: Medium  

Temperature: Barely Cool   


Ready Medium  

Description: A more neutral medium-brownwith medium opacity   

Opacity: Medium  

Temperature: Neutral  



Description: A deep earthy brown with high opacity  

Opacity: High  

Temperature: Cool  


Black Umber  

Description: A cool and dark brow color with high opacity  

Opacity: High  

Temperature: Very Cool 


About Supercilium  

Supercilium creates eyebrow products for semi- 

permanent treatments, like Brow Henna, Brow 

Dye, and Brow Lamination. They're loved by brow 

professionals worldwide for their high-quality 

products, innovation, and top-notch education. 

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