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Shay Danielle Exclusive Brow Practice Skins + Tina Davies Pigment Set
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We Are Thrilled To Exclusively Present:
This Custom Curated Set Consists Of:
About Shay Danielle's Exclusive Brow Skins:
Designed and developed by Shay, these skins were expertly created using smooth, soft, high quality material to help you create your best work during PMU practice sessions. Each skin features Shay's favourite signature practice shape - a beautiful modern style with a soft arch and sleek tail.
  • Multiple Modalities: Perfect for practicing both manual + machine blading and shading techniques.
  • Modern Universal Shape: Brow shape and thickness is the ideal shape and size to practice a variety of looks and techniques, allowing for artistic freedom and skill development.
  • Unique Dotted Outline: Practice perfecting your brow outlines while accurately seeing your work! 
  • Dual Sided: You can work on both sides of this skin! One side features brow outlines while the other side is blank to allow for freestyle shape, gradient and line work refinement.
  • Ready To Use: Simply choose your favourite microblading tool, machine, pigment and let your creativity flow!


About Tina Davies Permablend Pigments:

Each Boxed Set Contains:

  • 7 x .50oz Bottles of Ink
  • 1 x .50oz Bottle Shading Solution
  • 1 x Color Chart 

The Collection:

  • Easy To Use
  • Suitable for both machine work and microblading.
  • All colors are pre-modified.
  • Mix and match shades for unlimited customization options.
  • Covers old PMU - Ultra concentrated, which helps artists to place the target color over old, faded permanent makeup. 
  • Long lasting color retention. What you see is what you get. Expect a high level of retention after the first treatment with proper technique and aftercare.
  • Sterile and Vegan - 100% safe and cruelty-free. These pigments have never been tested on animals and do not contain animal by-products.


The Colors:

ASH BROWN - Mid value with a yellow base. Perfect for clients who want an ash-based eyebrow.  

BLONDE - Light value with a yellow base. Perfect for clients who want a super-natural look.

GREY - Mid to dark value with a yellow base.  Perfect for clients who are greying with ‘salt & pepper’ hair.

MEDIUM BROWN - Mid value with an orange base.  Perfect for clients who want a soft look that is neither too dark. or too light.

DARK BROWN - Dark value with orange base. Perfect for clients who want a more defined look.

BOLD BROWN - Dark value with orange base. Perfect for clients who want a bolder, stronger look.

EBONY - Dark value with yellow base. Perfect for clients who need as much depth as possible.


Each pigment set includes an invaluable and handy color chart which lists:

  • Picture references for suitability of each color for various skin tones.
  • Color description including the base tone of the color such as yellow or orange.
  • Recommended colors for various skin tones:  fair, pink, beige, olive, caramel, brown-black.
  • Recommended colors for covering up old PMU that has turned orange, red, green, blue or purple.
  • Gradient color swatches displaying the drawdown of each color.
  • CI (color index) of each color.


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