Pink Face Masks
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Pink Face Masks
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LIMIT 500 PINK MASKS PER ORDER. Due to a massive surge in demand caused by the coronavirus 🦠, we reserve the right to limit quantities. Please do not order more than what you need or try to resell these masks. Be a good human. 💖

*These masks have been priced and have limited purchase allowances in place to balance supply and demand. If you are seeking a larger quantity, purchasing for healthcare, or if you are planning to make supply donations, please reach out to us via email for bulk purchase pricing. If your purpose meets the requirements, we can provide these masks to you at a lower rate. Contact for more details. 


  • Pink Color
  • Fluid Resistant + 3 layers of protection
  • Universal Sized Ear-Loop design


Note: Minx Brows makes no warranties, either express or implied, that these masks prevent infection or the transmission of viruses or diseases. If you are seeking medical masks for medical uses such as surgery, we advise contacting your local medical supply company for guidance regarding sourcing the right masks for your specific medical procedural needs. 

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