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PINK Spektra Xion S
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Meet the device that’s making serious waves in the PMU industry... AND IT’S PINK! Designed specifically for the needs of permanent makeup artists, XION S is an absolute must have for every artist’s tool kit. We love this machine and know that you will too because it has: 

  • A comfortable, ergonomic and lightweight design which allows for optimal maneuverability.
  • Convenient, interchangeable stroke suits different styles of micropigmentation (Aka different strokes for different folks). 
  • A secure ratcheting system which enables artists to lock in needle depth settings (The only kind of ratchet you want in your life).
  • Seamless, autoclavable, telescopic grip feature is compatible with many types of cartridges. (Great if you’re like us and have cartridge commitment issues).
  • One turn give dial allows for adjustment of needle tension providing artists with more options and flexibility (Give us allllll the options). 
  • Powerful 6W MotorBolt system (BOLT not boat) is the first motor specifically designed to meet the demands of micropigmentation. 
  • Standard 2.5mm and alternate 1.8mm stroke. 
  • Does not include power source (purchased separately). 

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