Permablend Areola Pigment Set

Permablend Areola Pigment Set
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Mix it up using selective shades to find the perfect areola color.

Mandy Sauler created 8 ink colors that can be used to match any areola color making color matching simple.

This 1/2oz. set includes the following colors:

  • Prime L SkinThis is the base color that can be used for Areola with someone of a Fitzpatrick 1-3 skin tone. (Warm)
  • Prime D SkinThis is the darkest color of browns for Areola. This can be lightened with a middle mixer, and lightened with a drop of black to darken.  (Warm)
  • Yes CoolAdd this color to Prime L Skin to make a natural areola color. (Cool)
  • Pink MixerA couple drops of this can add a nice pink to your main Areola color. This color can be mixed with your Middle Mixer for a nice nipple color. (Warm)
  • High WhiteThis can be used for highlights in your areola to help with details and 3D nipples.
  • Low BlackThis can be used to help you create a 3D nipple in darker skin types.
  • No Pink This color is only going to be used if you are having trouble matching the undertone in certain skin types. Add just a dip or drop and it will cancel out any pink. This color will help you find the perfect match to someone in Fitzpatrick 3,4 (Cool)
  • Middle MixerThis color is a great starting point for Fitzpatrick 3-5 and can be used as a texturing for Fitzpatrick 1-3 (Warm) 

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