Tina Davies Permanent Makeup Cartridges
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Designed by Tina Davies to bring you excellent results, these permanent makeup cartridges are sharp, easy-to-use, and designed specifically for demanding artists who want the best in precision, quality, and comfort. Acting like brushes, these needles are flexible, yet gentle - providing maximum ink deposit with minimum skin trauma. 

Made to fit most rotary-style machines, the precise tip and unique finger rest helps you tattoo with ease to achieve pixel-perfect deposit each and every time. The safety membrane helps to prevent backflow, keeping you and your clients safe.


    • 10 Cartridges per box.
    • Membrane helps to prevent back flow.
    • Needles made using high quality 304 surgical grade stainless steel.
    • EO Gas Sterilized.
    • Marked with Lot # and Expiry.

Compatible with the following Rotary Machines: Axys Vahalla, Cheyenne, Xion, Xion S, Bellar, Vahalla, Bishop, Luna, Rook Quill, Mast Tour, Omnia, Flux, Rook Quill, Mast Magi, Dragonhawk, and more.

Not compatible with: Nouveau Contour, Amiea, Golden Eye, Biotek, Bomtech, Meicha, Purebeau, Artmex, PhiBrows, Charme, Biomaser (Rebranded as Infinity), Giant Sun, Helios, and more.

How To Use: 

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