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NEW Mast Halo Power Supply
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An afforable, sleek power supply with excellent performance.

Incorporating Mast’s new design concept to create a simple, easy-to-use, and efficient tattoo power supply—— Mast Circle. It's compatible with most traditional rotary tattoo machines.

Easy to Use: The Mast Circle can work with or without a foot pedal. Press the round panel to control start and stop, when there is no foot pedal. Turn the round panel to adjust the voltage.

Type-C Port: More stable voltage when working with the Type-C power supply port. It also has wider adaptability so you can use your existing TYPE-C charging device without worrying about finding the charging cable.

Anti-tired & Non-anti-tired: There are two modes of this power. When inserting the foot pedal, Press the circular panel once and b1 is displayed, indicating that the anti-tired mode is enabled; Press the circular panel again, and b2 will be displayed, indicating the non-anti-tired mode.

What’s the difference between these two modes?

Anti-tired mode: the pedal will keep working with power when it is pressed once, and stop working with power when It is pressed again.

Non-anti-tired mode: the pedal must be stepped on all the time to work. and the power supply will stop working when the pedal is released.


  • Output Voltage: 4-15V
  • Power Weight: 157g
  • Size: 82MM* 82MM*34MM
  • Please note: There is only a manufacturer's limited warranty associated with this item. (Through Dragon Hawk directly, not Minx). We do not manufacture this electronic product, therefore we do not service it directly.

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