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✨NEW✨ 50% OFF DARK PINK GLITTER Microbrushes!

✨NEW✨ 50% OFF DARK PINK GLITTER Microbrushes!
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NEW Glitter Handle Microbrusges 🥰

Microbrushes are a PMU artist's BFF. Why? Because they can be used for many things!:

  • Refining and doing corrections to outlines/predraws.
  • Applying anesthetic (especially to finer areas such as the arch to tail).
  • Lifting pigment off of specific areas.
  • 'Pigment Pushing' into specific strokes
  • Applying solutions for correction (such as ZAP lightener or hydrogen peroxide)
  • Cleanup

More Info:

  • 100 Per Jar
  • Single Use
  • Disposable

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