Minx Mogul

Minx Magic Pout - Minx Mogul Lip Pigments
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Minx Magic Pout Lip Pigment 0.50 oz.

Also know around here as the "perfect lip color". It's a perfect combo of red and pink. Poof...Minx Magic Pout.

This pigment is for Machine Use Only.

Color Characteristics: COOL


We love Minx Mogul (and know you will too!) because:

  • Minx Mogul Pigments are made using ONLY the highest quality ingredients.
  • Every bottle is manufactured in the USA!
  • Minx Mogul pigments are ULTRA rich in colour and carry a high pigment load for beautiful, healed results. This means, happy artists and happy clients!
  • Each pigment batch is tested and labeled with an appropriate lot number (#) for quality control.
  • Each bottle is perfectly packaged and shrink wrapped for safety.
  • The beautiful colour palette is easy to understand, navigate and you can mix colours to create your own custom blends!


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