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$3 WHITE INK Brow Map Markers - Pack of 10
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✍🏼 We’re pretttty convinced that this marker is going to change your life. WHY? Because, FINALLY....A BRIGHT WHITE Surgical Grade Mapping Marker (designed for PMU) EXISTS! ✨ HALLELUJAH!✨ 

GONE are the struggles of using a traditional blue/purple gentian violet surgical marker - We’re talking about NO more blurry dots, NO leeching, NO turning hairstrokes purple, and DEFINITELY NO MORE panic at the end of the appointment when you realize those blue dots are a B to remove. (Artists, we’ve ALL been there). ☺️ 

This marker is about to elevate your brow map game because it creates precise WHITE dots and lines to help make your mapping a BREEZE while creating a visual contrast with the surrounding area to help you focus on what matters most... CREATING HAIRSTROKES! 

  • Pack of 10 Markers.
  • Bright WHITE surgical grade ink.
  • Single use and disposable - prevents cross contamination.
  • Designed for use on sensitive facial skin.
  • Designed to last throughout the first pass. 
  • Easily wipes away after the first pass.
  • Helps clients visualize the brow shape (versus dark lines or dots which can confuse a client when they look in the mirror). 
  • Easily removable. 

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