Brow Stylers - Ultra Mini Dental Brushes - GRAY 30 PCS

Brow Stylers - Ultra Mini Dental Brushes - GRAY 30 PCS
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These ultra mini brushes provide the ideal grip and maneuverability to style and shape eyebrow hairs to perfection.

Multi-use functionality. Use them for:

  • Grooming/shaping fluffy styled brows
  • Styling to blending brow makeup w/brow hairs
  • Setting brow shapes w/brow soap
  • Brow lamination procedures

TIP: Pair these brushes with Got2Be Gel for the ULTIMATE fluffy hold!

For Brow Lamination Procedures:

Take full control of your brow lamination procedures! These brushes have been a trade secret among lamination artists because they allow you to style the brow hairs with ultimate precision both during and after the lamination procedure. 

  • 30 Ultra mini brushes per pack.
  • Packaged in a reusable storage case.
  • Ultra fine bristles for complete control.
  • Single use disposable
  • Also a great take home item for styling post appointment (gels/soap etc).

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