50% OFF LUNA Pink Permanent Makeup Cartridges #7MAGNUM .25mm
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Pink Permanent Makeup Cartridges? YES, WE DID! 

Not only are LUNA pmu cartridges insanely cute, they also perform like a DREAM. Featuring a sleek, streamlined design with an inner membrane to prevent backflow, these cartridges also have a built in stabilizer to support even stroke performance and angled tips to facilitate a multitude of pmu styles and techniques. 


  • 20 LUNA Cartridges per box.
  • Inner membrane helps to prevent back flow.
  • Built-in stabilizer design supports even stoke performance. 
  • Angled tip design allows a multitude of pmu styles & techniques.
  • Manufactured using high quality needles
  • Ideal for permanent makeup.
  • Sterile and individually packaged.
  • Marked with Lot # and Expiry.
  • Compatible with most cartridge system grips and machines including Xion S, Bellar, Hawk, Rook Quill, and more. 

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