GOLDEN BROWN - IMAGE® Microblading Pigment (Made in USA)
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IMAGE® Brow Pigments by MEI-CHA 


IMAGE® Pigment is made by fully certified laboratory in the United States to ensure the highest of quality while meeting strict US regulations.
  • Made in USA
  • Water Based
  • Ultra Creamy
  • Rich, Concentrated Colours
  • Ideal for Microblading and Micropigmentation Procedures
  • Contains pre-blended color neutralizers in each colour to minimize mixing
  • 15ml bottle

Pro Tip: Many insurance companies require artists to use pigments made in Canada or the US. Mei-cha pigments are MADE IN USA to meet this requirement. It is recommended that artists consult with their respective insurance company for a clear understanding of recommended and covered pigments within their policy. 

*Photo Credit: @Amanda_Meichaofficial ♥

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