75% OFF! Gold Plated 5 STARS Connector Charm

75% OFF! Gold Plated 5 STARS Connector Charm
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  • 5 Stars Connector.
  • Gold plated.
  • High quality electroplating.
  • Ideal for diy jewelry.
  • An economical alternative to gold filled.

More info about gold plated and filled:

Gold plated jewelry is a great cost effective alternative over gold filled. Plated means it has a thin electroplated amount of gold and is not meant for extreme long term wear due to the fact that it can and does tarnish over time. However, it still remains a popular choice for short term wear and diy jewelry.  

Gold filled jewelry is made by layering solid gold (usually 14K or 12K) sheets over a base metal that is bonded. Unlike gold plated jewelry, gold filled jewelry is more durable, looks sharper, lasts longer and has a measurable amount of gold in it making it a popular choice for permanent jewelry.

Please note although gold filled jewelry is designed to last a longer than regular plated gold, it's important to remember that both gold filled and gold plated jewelry can wear over time and does not last indefinitely forever like pure gold. Gold filled jewelry offers long term wear and durability, but the longevity of any finish cannot be guaranteed as it ultimately depends on many factors including how the wearer cares for their jewelry. 

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