Gold Plated CLEAR Crystal Heart Charms - DIY Jewelry

Gold Plated CLEAR Crystal Heart Charms - DIY Jewelry
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Adorable Heart Charms 🥰💕

  • Gold plated 14K. 
  • Ideal for diy jewelry.
  • Excellent high profit margin add-on or upsell item during client appointments. 
  • Attach to bracelets, necklaces, anklets using jump rings (jump rings not included). 
  • An economical alternative to pure gold or gold filled.
  • Please note these are really tiny dainty hearts approx 2.5-3mm each.

Gold plated jewelry is made by electroplating a thin layer of gold (usually 14K or 12K) over a base metal that is bonded. It is important to remember that gold plated jewelry can and does tarnish over time. It is a more economical choice than pure gold or gold filled, which is preferred by some when making and wearing diy jewelry. 

If you are looking for longer lasting jewelry, we recommend also checking out our gold filled jewelry items, which are ideal for long term wear in permanent jewelry. 

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