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Brow Henna is quickly becoming one of the most requested services in the beauty industry. Brow Henna is a semi-permanent technique which yields beautiful results, and is DEFINITELY a service that you want to add to your menu. 

The popularity of BROW HENNA was jump started by the incredibly talented Brow Guru, Irina Levchuk - a major boss babe who has quite literally revolutionized brow henna for the world! The BH Brow Henna Brand, developed by Irina herself, contains only the HIGHEST quality henna ingredients, allowing artists (that's you!) to create unmatched results which will keep your brow clients happy and regularly coming back for more.

Brow Henna has stirred up a positive buzz in the beauty industry because:

  • It's quick, easy to do, and lasts up to 6 weeks on the skin and hair. (Up to 2 on skin and up to 6 on hair).
  • Brow Henna is NOT permanent, so less commitment than PMU.
  • Create any look you want from soft to bold.
  • Ideal also, for clients who are not a candidate for permanent makeup.
  • Gives you and your client artistic freedom in creating shapes.
  • Has a short learning curve, therefore easy to learn + easy to perform.
  • High profit margins mean the best returns for your time investment.

This Boxed Set Includes:

  • 3 Bottles of BH Brow Henna in "Universal blonde shades".
  • Each bottle has enough product for approx 80-100 procedures each.
  • 1 Each: Pearl Blonde, Light Blonde, Light Chestnut.
  • Up to 300 procedures per set box set.

Please Note: This is a professional item intended for Certified Artists. This kit does not contain or include training instructions. As such, it is expected that customers purchasing this item have completed proper training and/or possess adequate knowledge in Brow Henna in order to perform the services listed herein. 

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