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Elevate Your Artistry

Discover the allure of Cleo 2.0, now featuring a refined stroke length of 2.7mm – a significant upgrade from the previous 2.2mm. This enhancement ensures even more precision and versatility in your permanent makeup applications, making Cleo 2.0 an indispensable tool for modern beauty professionals.

What's New in Cleo 2.0?

  • Longer Stroke Length: Upgraded from 2.2mm to 2.7mm for superior precision in every technique.
  • Luxurious Gold Design: A breathtaking all-around gold finish that embodies luxury and sophistication.
  • Advanced Internal Mechanics: Doubled performance for unparalleled reliability.
  • Enhanced Durability: A more robust battery compartment for continuous creativity.
  • Comprehensive Improvements: Every aspect of Cleo has been meticulously upgraded for an unmatched experience.

Key Features of Cleo 2.0:

  • Wireless Convenience: Experience the freedom of a cable-free workspace.
  • Extended Battery Life: Two batteries included, each providing up to 3 hours of operation, with a rapid 1-hour recharge.
  • Ultra-Lightweight and Ergonomic: Weighing only 3oz with a 17mm grip diameter for ultimate comfort and control.
  • Powerful and Versatile Motor: Adapts seamlessly to a variety of PMU techniques.
  • Universal Needle Compatibility: Accepts universal safety needle cartridges (note: needles not included).
  • Adjustable Voltage: Ranging from 5.0V-8.0V for customized application strength.

Please Note:

  • Needles Not Included: The Genie needle shown is for illustrative purposes only. Cleo 2.0 is compatible with universal safety needle cartridges.
  • Non-Refundable/Non-Returnable: In line with our store policy for sanitary and safety reasons.
  • Six-Month Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with a warranty covering any defects, eligible for a free machine replacement.

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