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Brow Daddy Gold Collection Minerals by DNA Pigments

Achieve the most stunning eyebrows with REACH-compliant Gold Collection Minerals, expertly crafted using 100% mineral inorganic pigments. Designed for both longevity and grace, these pigments ensure a beautiful fade over 1-2 years, avoiding any undesired red or grey stains in the skin.

Ideal for every client, DNA pigments take the guesswork out of the equation, providing a perfect match for most skin tones. They're especially beneficial for clients who prefer flexibility in their eyebrow shape and color over the years.

For beginner artists, this collection is a dream come true. Its forgiving nature and soft healed results make it easy to master the art of eyebrow enhancement. Additionally, the pigments are amazing for creating elegant ombré brows and perfect pixels, offering a versatile range of styles to suit any preference.

Moreover, these pigments are highly recommended for all Microblading and nano hairstroke techniques. The gentle fading process ensures that each application blends seamlessly without blurring previous work, maintaining the crispness and definition of each stroke.

Choose our Gold Collection Minerals for an effortless, flawless finish every time.

Warm Darkest Brown: A deep, rich brown with warm undertones, perfect for bold and elegant brows.

Warm Dark Brown: A robust, earthy brown with a warm touch, suitable for a natural, defined look.

Neutral Dark Brown: A versatile, deep brown with balanced undertones, ideal for a subtle and sophisticated appearance.

Neutral Medium Brown: A harmonious, true medium brown, great for a natural and understated brow.

Warm Medium Brown: A beautiful , inviting medium brown with a hint of warmth, perfect for a soft and sun-kissed brow look.

Neutral Light Brown: A light, airy brown with neutral tones, ideal for a subtle and natural brow enhancement.

Cool Blonde: A refreshing, light blonde with cool undertones, perfect for a natural blonde brow.

Warm Blonde: A sunny, warm blonde, excellent for adding brightness and warmth to the brows.

Unlock Unparalleled Quality and Performance with DNA Pigments

DNA Pigments, stands committed to excellence, believing that beauty is inherent in your DNA. These pigments, meticulously crafted in powder form, set the gold standard for quality and performance. Discover the difference in every stroke and elevate your artistry with DNA Pigments today.

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