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Have you ever wondered how the industry’s top artists create such beautiful, flawless brow shapes? The secret to creating a flawless, customized brow design is much more than just brow mapping - you NEED to elevate your proficiency in advanced brow creation techniques!

This Advanced Brow Creation Course, designed by renowned artist Lili Ma of Permanent Beauty By Lili, will refine your skills as a permanent makeup artist by teaching you how to confidently create, correct and customize flawless brow shapes which compliment and enhance each client’s unique facial harmony.

Join Lili, as she generously reveals all of her signature trade secrets and covers every crucial aspect of brow design, setting the framework for you to create brow greatness. Packed with a wealth of knowledge delivered via 32 in-depth modules, this course is filled with valuable content including detailed step-by-step videos, beautiful demonstrations, thorough explanations and specialized techniques that you can start using right away.



Upon successful completion, students will receive a Certificate of Completion from Permanent Beauty By Lili. 


  • Fundamentals of brow mapping and facial morphology.
  • Five important questions to ask when your client brings a reference photo.
  • Lili’s 8 best tips & tricks from five years of brow mapping. 
  • How to identify your clients face shape, eye shape and asymmetrical features. 
  • How to create the illusion of symmetry on asymmetrical faces. 
  • Full end-to-end detailed live model demonstration video of brow mapping procedure.
  • Eyebrow mapping practice guidelines.

BONUS 3 DETAILED CASE STUDIES to address the most common challenges you will face as a brow artist:

  • How to create symmetry for uneven eyes.
  • How to correct eyebrows with a dominant muscle. 
  • How to successfully map and correct the “90’s Eyebrow”.  


  • How to Tattoo the outline of Combo Brow without smudging the pencil outline.
  • How to use the Procreate App to create IG content and eyebrow map.
  • Work sheets for eyebrow mapping at home. 


Students who purchase this course will also gain exclusive access to Lili’s private support group. 


Once you purchase this course, you will be granted access to the online course. An invitation with your login credentials will be emailed to you. You can start and complete the course on your own schedule. Students will have unlimited access for 6 months from start date.



Lili is an internationally renowned artist, permanent makeup instructor and motivational speaker who is dedicated to giving back to our industry by sharing her skills and knowledge through leadership. In just 5 years, Lili’s talent and innovation have brought her to the forefront of the permanent makeup industry when she developed her own pmu technique called, “Nano Brows”. Today, the nano brow technique is performed by thousands of artists globally and Lili is one of the most sought after instructors in our industry. Lili has inspired countless students to discover their talent, grow their skills and pursue their passion in permanent makeup.

Follow Lili and her beautiful work on instagram @permanentbeautybylili

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