8 Pack Crushed Crystal Lash & Brow Brushes - Blue Crystals

8 Pack Crushed Crystal Lash & Brow Brushes - Blue Crystals
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These sparkling crushed crystal lash and brow brushes serve a multitude of uses for both lash & brow artists:


  • Use for lash shampooing and removal of makeup and/or debris
  • Removals are a breeze - the lightweight handle paired with ultra soft flat bristles help to gently slide lashes off with ease. Less tension means happy clients and happy lashes.
  • Excellent for post-appointment lash baths to keep lashes fresh and clean.
  • Literally THE PERFECT adorable brush to include in your client after care kits. 🎁 


  • Use for pre-procedure shampooing to remove makeup, oils, etc. 
  • Anesthetic application is quick and easy and with the soft, flat edge which aids in a smooth, even application. 
  • Applying ink seal or an aftercare product? These brushes are the hero we all need. 
  • Excellent for gentle post procedure washing and care. 
  • A cute addition to any aftercare package that your clients will love and appreciate. 


  • Excellent for pre-procedure shampooing.
  • Great for “wetting and wiping” dry henna at the end of each procedure.
  • Aids in the perfect application of aftercare serum, brow balm, and/or color extending oils. 
  • Perfect for adding into client ‘take home’ kits and even retailing to your customers with aftercare products. 


  • How thrilled will your students be when they open their kits to find these pretty sparklers? 😍 Set your academy apart by offering your students unique and functional items in their tool kits. 

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