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5/$25 Shay Danielle Exclusive LIP Practice Skin Set
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Regular price $25.00 CAD
We Are Thrilled To Exclusively Present:
Set of 5 Exclusive Shay Danielle LIP Practice Skins for $25!
Designed and developed by Shay, these skins were expertly created using smooth, soft, high quality material to help you create your best work during PMU practice sessions. Each skin features Shay's favourite signature practice lip shape - a beautiful modern shape to help you practice and perfect your lip blush skills.  
  • Multiple Techniques: This skin is ideal for all lip PMU techniques including lip blush, lip liner, ombré lips and more!
  • Modern Universal Shape: Lip shape and thickness is balanced and closely follows the golden ratio - making it the ideal shape to practice a variety of looks and techniques, allowing for artistic freedom and skill development.
  • 💥 Unique Dotted Outline: Practice perfecting your lip outlines while accurately seeing your work! 
  • Dual Sided: You can work on both sides of this skin. One side features lip outlines while the other side is blank to allow for freestyle shape, gradient and outline work refinement.
  • Ready To Use: Simply choose your favourite machine, cartridge, pigment and let your creativity flow!

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