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24/$120 ROSE Gold Disposable Microblading Tools
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✨ These ROSE GOLD Microblading Tools are about to LEVEL UP your brow game! ✨ 

Introducing the NEWEST addition to the Minx Brows Disposable Microblading tool lineup in ROSE GOLD! Not only are these beauties insanely gorgeous they’re also:

✔️ Sharp

✔️ Sterile

✔️ Individually Packaged

✔️ Marked with Lot # and Expiry

✔️ And feature a PIGMENT PUSHER at the end of the handle! 

Pigment pushers are helpful because they:

- Assist in ‘pushing’ pigment into hairstroke channels after each pass.

- Help with applying masks to areas where you may see or want to control (more than pinpoint) bleeding.

- Aid in applying a final pigment application or ‘mask’ at the end of the appointment. 

Bonus Tip: Wet the pigment pusher in sterile or distilled water, then gently use it to soften and wipe away dried pigment at the end of your final mask. VERY helpful when working with pigment lines with a quick dry time such as Perma Blend.

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