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SAMPLER PACK Peak Needles - Blood & Quartz
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Not sure which cartridges are the best fit? Try them all and discover your faves!

This sampler pack of Blood and Quartz cartridges lets you experience firsthand why these cartridges are highly sought-after. Feel the unbeatable tension that the rubber band mechanism in Blood cartridges provide, and the incredibly stable, yet fluid tattooing that only Quartz cartridges can impart.

This sample pack includes five Blood cartridges, and 5 Quartz Cartidges.

Blood Cartidges:

  • 1 x 1205RL
  • 1 x 1207RL
  • 1 x 1213M1
  • 1 x 1215M1C
  • 1 x 1019M1C

Quartz Cartridges:

  • 1 x 1203RL
  • 1 x 1207RL
  • 1 x 1213M1
  • 1 x 1217M1
  • 1 x 1215M1C

Key Features:

  • Inner membrane and stabilizer mechanism in Quartz cartridges
  • Rich color and rubber band in Blood cartridges
  • Efficient cartridge removal and replacement
  • Sleek, hygienic design
  • High quality single-use material construction
  • Sterilized and individually packaged
  • Compatible with most industry standard size cartridge-system grips and machines. 

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