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OUR #1 Blade is NOW AVAILABLE in a 100% disposable, single use tool... and they’re all dressed up in pretty rhinestones!

The NEWEST & most INNOVATIVE microblade in the Minx lineup is now available in a disposable, single use tool. Designed by and exclusively manufactured for Minx, this unique product combines TWO BLADES INTO ONE, allowing you to easily create the softest, fluffiest, most natural, multi-dimensional, hair stroke effects. 
  • Ultra Sharp dual ended .17mm NANO blade. 
  • Longer edge creates bold main strokes.
  • Shorter edge creates soft detailed strokes.
  • Light reflecting Diamond Grips™.
  • 100% Disposable and Single Use.
  • Individually blister packaged.
  • Printed with lot # and expiry date. 
Real eyebrows look soft and natural because they have hairs which range in thickness and length.


In creating natural looking hair strokes, one of the biggest challenges that microbladers have faced is the lack of variance in thickness, length and detail created by using just one single microblade. Often times, using one blade for the entire brow results in a look that is too 'patterned' or artificial looking. To combat this, some artists resort to using two different blades or even two different tools to create a 'dual blade' effect - but switching tools mid procedure is not only a hassle, it also doubles your consumable costs, wasting both time and money.


Feather Blades solve this issue by combining two blades into one; A large blade for main strokes, with a smaller blade designed for detailed work.

Each blade consists of 16 RAZOR SHARP .17mm NANO PINS, arranged in a soft "V" shape. 
The longer right side (10 pins) creates your main foundational strokes.
The shorter side (6 pins) creates detailed work such as filler strokes and fluffy, feathery strokes at the head and transition area. 

One blade, multiple effects.



1. The blade is already set at a 90 degree angle.

2. Use the RIGHT SIDE to create your main strokes. (Skeleton and main, defining lines).

3. Flip your tool over and use the Left Side of the blade to add soft, filler and detail strokes. Also use this side to create soft, 'feathery' strokes at the head and transition area of the eyebrow. 

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