BROWDADDY® Framework Predraw Master Pencil
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Introducing the first and only pencil of it’s kind:


This revolutionary pencil was designed by Brow Daddy to help artists like you create a fast and flawless predraw. What makes this pencil so unique? So many reasons!

Saves Time - This extra thick pencil features a unique wide edge tip, allowing you to create brow shapes quickly and effortlessly while reducing draw time.

Perfect Straight Lines - The wide edge tip assists in creating perfectly straight lines. Symmetry problems, solved.

Highly Pigmented Formula - The rich color & ultra smooth texture glides across the skin, making this the ideal pencil for creating both crisp outlines and soft shading

Doesn't Break - This pencil's core will never break apart with normal use. Just sharpen and you're ready to get started.

Lasts Forever - Well, not 'forever', but it may seem like it. This thickie pencil contains much more product than a standard pencil, and lasts a very long time.  

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