BROW DADDY® GENIE Nano Feather Microblades
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BROW DADDY started his microblading career in 2013 but discontinued it because he believed that the available microblades during that era caused excess trauma to the skin, which could lead to unnecessary scarring. But now, he discovered these new microblades which allowed him, in good conscience, to reintroduce microblading into his services.

Things have evolved, and here we are with the latest development—the thinnest and sharpest microblades on the market—great for creating fine, realistic hair strokes while not causing as much trauma to your client's skin.

We are very proud to introduce to you the GENIE NANO FEATHER MICROBLADES, and are confident that these blades will quickly become a staple in your tool kit.

  • *Box of 25 Nano Feather Microblades
  • *EO Sterilized
  • *Hand tool sold separately


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